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When TrophyFishingTn.com Guide Jarrod White was eight years old, he lived a mere 200 yards from a trout stream.  Just about every day he could be found fishing on that stream with a spinning rod.  Even at that young age, he had developed a real passion for fishing.


 One day he saw a man fishing that little stream with a fly rod.  He fell in love with idea of fly fishing and thatís what became for him, a lifelong obsession.  Back then, he didnít have extra money for specialized gear so he improvised.  He did his best to cast flies on his spinning rod. 

Jarrod says ďI would cast and cast mostly catching nothing but addiction!!Ē When you see Jarrod on the river, youíll see the addiction still burns deep within him today.


 Jarrod  has spent over 20 years learning all of the details of casting, equipment, entomology and fly tying.  Jarrod has learned everything he knows about the ins and outs of fly fishing by spending days, weeks, and years on various waters across the United States while chasing several species of fish on the fly.

In 2002 he realized fly fishing wasnít just a passion for him. It had become a way of life. Thatís when he started a small, part time guiding service in East Tennessee.   During that time he continued learning not only about the fish and what it takes to catch them, but he also learned a lot about the fishing guide business and what it takes to earn a client and make sure they have a great experience.

He moved to middle Tennessee in January of 2007 to guide on a full time basis and we are glad to have him on our roster of guides here at Trophy Fishing Tennessee. Jarrod is friendly, patient, a good teacher and has some great stories to share on the river.

A few words from TrophyFishingTN.com Guide Jarrod White:  ďI have a great love for this sport and I enjoy passing on what I know to others.  If you are an experienced fisherman, I would love to challenge your skills.  If you are a first timer, I can teach the basics needed to catch fish.  Either way, if you want to have a great time, catch some fish and see some beautiful Tennessee scenery, give us a call and let me take you safely down one of the beautiful rivers Tennessee has to offer.  Iíll see you on the river and remember to practice Catch, Photograph and Release whenever possible to help preserve the spectacular Tennessee fisheries for generations to come.Ē

Jarrod White

615 617-9032 or 615 495-7670

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