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Trophy Fishing Tennessee Guide Service Owner Mike Anderson, was born and raised in Middle Tennessee.  Heís been fishing Tennessee and the surrounding states his entire life. Although the Caney Fork River and Cumberland River are his Home waters he isn't tied to them. Depending on the season and river conditions there is no telling where hell be on any given trip.

Mike began his fishing career more than 30 years ago with a Zebco 33 and a Panther Martin spinner in a little creek when he was old enough to ride a bicycle. He grew up getting to know the area fisheries like the back of his hand. Later in life, he spent a good amount of time chasing largemouth bass in high powered bass boats and doing the tournament thing. He soon grew tired of that and wanted something with a little more fight.  Thatís when Mike became a dedicated big fish on the Fly hunter.

Enter The Striper

Striper on the Fly !!

Big Striper


The biggest fish we have around here are stripers. The current state record is just over 65 pounds and came from the same waters Mike frequents with the long rod. Big stripers became Mikeís next love and in fact, still are to this day. He worked his way through the trophy striper learning curve on Percy Priest Lake and then moved on to explore the Cumberland River system fishing for the really big boys.

TN Striper Fly Fishing


It's Best!!


Mike is an extremely well rounded angler and guide. He designs and ties all of the flies he uses from size 24 midges to 5/0 Striper Slayers. He builds high end custom fly rods. He also owns and operates two boats with a full complement of high end electronics.

Mike has also gotten big time into photography. He has invested a lot of time and money into this side line. His images have been published in national fly fishing magazines. In short, Mike has become a professional photographer. The point is, you can be sure of having great photos of your trip with Mike. Thatís the real trophy. A trophy that will never tarnish. A life time treasure.

Mike frequently enjoys a day of floating down The Caney Fork and Obey rivers fishing for rainbows and browns under an indicator.  His favorite by far, and when heís most happy, is when he is pounding the water with streamers in search of a real Tennessee trophy fish.  Could be a Trout, Striper, Muskie or Smallmouth.

Mike says ďThis type of trophy fishing with a fly rod requires a little more experience and can be demanding. It is not unusual for us to throw 250 to 500 grain 30 foot integrated shooting heads all day when targeting these fish. If you decide watching an indicator isn't going to do it for you but a Trophy Tennessee fishing excursion sounds like fun then Iíd highly recommend that you get your hands on some of these weighted lines and practice casting them before the trip. This is just to be sure itís something youíre able to do, or for that matter, would even be something you enjoy doing. Some people just canít get used to it and some pick it up like theyíve done it for years.Ē

 A few words from TrophyFishingTN Owner and Head Guide, Mike Anderson : ďI eat, sleep, and breathe, this stuff.  If it swims and will take a fly, weíll catch it! If what we came for isnít cooperating weíll find something that is! I will not BS you about whatís going on at the time of booking. If it isnít a good time to catch the fish you want to catch, Iíll tell you so. Iíll also offer some other fishing options that might be a better bet.  Iíd rather sit at home without a booking than mislead a client and have to make up reasons why they arenít biting all day. Give me a call and letís go fishing!Ē

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Mike Anderson

Owner ~ TFTN


615 617-9032

Nashville Tennessee Fly Fishing Guide.


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Give me a call and letís go fishing!

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